I have been doing some drawing at Melbourne zoo lately.....

White Bibbed Ground Dove.

baby Star Tortoise (he was born in Melbourne zoo October 2008)
here he is fast asleep....
this is the Bongo, a type of antelope from the Congo region in Africa.

and the beautiful Snow Leopard


The Black Cat.....


Sea Monster.
Pencil drawing, coloured in photoshop


a couple of little scorpians,
though this last one is not so little (go kitty!)


Storm Boy
Book cover for one of my favourite stories....
(the pelicans name is Mr Percival !)


Whale #551
This drawing is going in the Linden Gallery Postcard Show.
Opens on the 7 Feb. 26 Acland Street, St Kilda.
I'm also entering the Cockroaches drawing from an earlier post.